Game Day Sports Camp is family owned and operated by parents. We understand the importance of providing a safe, fun, experience for kids. Children have an exhilarating day, EVERY DAY.


Throughout the day campers are led by counselors and taught the fundamentals of various sports while being encouraged through positive reinforcement. They are not under the pressure of an overly competitive environment. Everyone has opportunities to play and develop their athletic skills according to their desires and personal abilities. No sports experience is required and campers can opt out of athletic activities for recreational games, crafting, or free play.


Some campers do not prefer sports. We’ve got them covered. There are always alternate options on hand at our Summer Camp, which include, but are far from limited to, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Play-Doh, Puppet Making, Board Games, Puzzles, Side-Walk chalk, Bubbles, Jewelry Making, Card Playing, etc. Our goal is to keep our campers occupied and active as much as possible & every experience is more enjoyable when shared with friends.


Though this aspect of Game Day Sports Camp is listed last, it is dearest to our hearts. After lengthy discussions with educators and students, we’ve drawn some interesting conclusions. In order for students to excel academically, many of their other personal needs must be met. Children thrive when they are allowed to have a voice. At Game Day Sports Camp we take time to pay attention to and address the strengths and weaknesses of our campers. We have a daily time designated for Character Building and Enrichment with a heavy focus on teaching them about many topics that aren’t often addressed in a classroom setting. We teach them about compassion, self-esteem, integrity, goal-setting, coping with challenges, etc. We know that when given the proper tools children have greater success in the classroom as well as in all future life endeavors. Essentially, while Game Day Sports Camp has a central focus on athletics & recreation, it lays a wonderful foundation for improved academics.